4 Colour Process



SunLit Diamond

High performance vegetable oil based series with excellent printability, designed for modern high speed presses. Fast setting and low misting.

SunLit Express

Vegetable oil based series specially formulated for fast work and turn and rapid finishing.

SunLit Exact PSO

Top quality vegetable oil based series ideally suited for printing according to ISO12647:2 colour standard.

SunLit Intense

High intensity vegetable oil based series with excellent setting and drying.

SunLit Titan

Incomparable new ink with patented technology for ultra fast setting and drying.

SunLit SFK

High quality inks with optimum rub resistance on both coated and uncoated stocks.

SunTec Foils

Oxidative drying inks for printing on foils, films and other impervious substrates.

SunLit Poster

Formulated using none standard pigments for increased lightfastness.

new wide format
Sonora XP