Ink Additives



Anti Tack Gel - Redux 4799

A gel paste to reduce ink tack without lowering viscosity significantly. 1kg containers

Linseed Oil

A liquid additive to lower viscosity and reduce ink tack, picking and piling. 1ltr containers.

PTFE Wax Additive

A wax paste for increasing abrasion resistance and slip. Not suitable for post print lamination or in/offline UV varnishing. 1kg containers.

PE Wax Additive

Standard Polyethelyne based wax additve for giving increased mechanical resistance to the dried ink film. 1kg containers.

Cartowax - RD460

A blend of waxes and driers to improve drying and abrasion resistance. 1kg containers.

Hard Dry Compound

A paste additive to improve overall hardness of finish to the ink film. 1kg containers.

Standard Drier Additive - AD910

A liquid drier that gives added surface and through drying to the ink. 1ltr and 10ltr containers.

Ultra Dry - AD940

A highly reactive surface drier giving faster drying and improved mechanical resistance to the dried ink film. 1ltr and 10ltr containers.

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