UV & Hybrid



UV FOGRA Approved
Biograph UV Wash

A powerful FOGRA approved UV wash suitable for use with EPDM blankets. Available in 25ltr and 200ltr containers.

Sunwash A111 Auto UV

A water miscible high solvency wash, designed for fast and effective removal of UV and conventional inks. Not suitable for EPDM rollers. Available in 25ltr containers.

Sunwash EPDM Auto UV

A universal OEM and FOGRA approved wash for UV inks. Suitable for manual and automatic washing systems. Available in 5ltr and 25ltr containers.

Varn A111 Hydrosolve

A water miscible A111 classification wash with OEM approval. Formulated for conventional and UV inks. Not suitable for EPDM compounds. Available in 20ltr containers.

Fast Drying
Fast UV Wash

A fast drying UV wash suitable for use with EPDM rollers and blankets. Available in 25ltr containers.

Hybrid Washes
Hybrid Wash

A powerful and effective wash suitable for cleaning conventional and UV inks. Available for EPDM compounds on request. Available in 25ltr containers.

Varn Multi Wash

A water miscible wash designed for automatic cleaning of rollers and blankets, suitable for conventional and UV inks. Not for EPDM rollers or blankets. Available in 10ltr and 20ltr containers.

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