Plate Chemistry



Electra XD
XLO Plate Chemistry Dev & Rep

Introducing the new 400 XLO plate chemistry from Kodak, now with up to 56% lower chemistry consumption than standard thermal plates. Featuring exceptional consistency for improved productivity that will help you save time and money.

Trillian SP
SP500 Plate Solution

The new Trillian SP plate from Kodak utilizes up to 70% less chemistry than previous plate systems significantly reducing costs of chemistry, storage and disposal, the processing solution is also pH neutral leading to much cheaper and more environmentally friendly disposal.

Violet Print
Violet Plate Chemistry Dev & Rep

The recently developed 206 chemistry system has reduced consumption significantly compared with the previous 500/550R. Very clean processing combined with excellent processing latitude with minimal pH variation throughout cycle.

General Purpose Plate Chemistry
850S Finishing Gum

A universal finishing solution for all KODAK Digital and Conventional Positive and Negative Offset Plates, for hand or machine use.

Multi Gum

An excellent all round finishing gum for hand or machine use.

Deletion Pens

A full range of deletion pens are carried in stock for all plate types, please contact us to find the right one for your plate technology.

new wide format
Sonora XP