Other Chemicals



IPA (Isopropanol)

Grade 1 BS approved IPA. Available in 5ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr and 1000ltr containers.

MRC (Meter Roll Cleaner)

A fast drying metering roller cleaner with strong ink solvency. 5ltr containers.

Varn MRC

A powerful degreaser, ideal for bareback dampers and other areas where fast evaporation is necessary to prevent wash contamination. 1ltr containers.


A fast drying metering roller cleaner designed for use with UV inks. 5ltr containers.

MEK Substitute

A powerful degreaser of metal rollers. 5ltr containers.

Varn Pro Kleen

Varn Pro-Kleen is a highly concentrated cleaner/degreaser designed for a wide variety of press room cleaning.


A quick evaporating solvent most commonly used as a non water miscible manual cleaning solution and also as a let down monomer for solvent based inks. 5ltr containers.

Ink Stripper

A blend of powerful and fast evaporating chemicals to remove the toughest of dried ink. 5ltr containers.

White Spirit

A 100% pure white spirit for general cleaning of the press and pressroom. Available in 10ltr and 25ltr containers.

Emulsion Cleaner

A cleaner designed to dissolve dried emulsion and thoroughly clean coating units and anilox chambers. 25ltr containers.


An anti foaming additive for dampening systems. 1ltr bottles

Fount Drier Additive

A dampening system additive designed to help inks dry faster. 25ltr containers.

Distilled Water

The use of distilled water gives a stable and reliable water quality to work with, when compared to the fluctuating conditions of local tap water supply. 25ltr containers.

Anti Skin

An aerosol designed to help prevent ink from skinning in ducts and on rollers. 400ml cans.

Silicone Spray

Reduces friction to provide free sliding, none stick surfaces. 400ml can.

Anti Static Spray

An aerosol designed to prevent the build up of static electricity on presses. 400ml cans

Shark Oil

Lubricates parts and expels moisture. 400ml can

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